Thursday, October 30, 2014

What a Zoo: Cousins Edition

Before Zachary went back to kindergarten, we wanted to fit in a few more weekday fun trips. A trip to the Roger Williams Zoo was the perfect chance to meet up with Auntie Christine and Dominic. We even packed a picnic lunch, and a peacock came to visit our picnic table. Then we had Del's Lemonade. I was too busy enjoying mine, while steering the stroller, to take any pictures. I'll just have to get Del's again soon.

Green Owl, for short.

Elara must have had a tough day, because she fell asleep on Green Owl from the Toy Machine. Zachary tells me we can call him Green Owl for short. Thanks Uncle Ben for winning us this new pillow, I mean stuffed Green Owl!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Zachary was busy playing hockey, so Elara broke out some of her gymnastics stretches, and some moves she made up all on her own!


Hockey was the sport Zachary was most looking forward to at sports camp. He loves the stick, and even shot a few goals. Go Z!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Elara's Curls

You might think by looking at Elara's hair, that I never brush it, or wash it. The truth is a little less extreme, she certainly does not love it when I do her hair, but it does get brushed. It just doesn't take very long before it looks like I ought to be doing it again. I've had to start asking her if I can "play with your hair" instead of doing it or fixing it. And sometimes the only way she'll willingly agree to it, is if I ask her "pretty, pretty please." Maybe I should just let her be the wild child she seems to want to be.