Thursday, January 30, 2014

Say Ahhh, Cousin!

Hello my dear nephew. You spent your first "christmas" at your Auntie Becca's and Uncle Paul's house this year. You let us dress you up as an elf, tease you about your first christmas present being a spoon, and make you nap in a tiny little travel bassinet. Then as you tried to enjoy your first taste of peaches? sweet potatoes? (we'll have to ask your Momma for sure on that one!) you patiently put up with your bossy cousin Elara telling you how to eat. You are a sweet and wonderful godson, and I love that you happily endure all of us. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystic Christmas

We were supposed to have Christmas at Grandma Ann's house, but a snowstorm was blowing in, and with all of our upcoming travel plans, we couldn't risk getting snowed in up there. Luckily our family loves us, and they (and Santa!) were willing to accommodate us, and Christmas in Connecticut was a go! We started with a yummy french toast casserole, and some very excited little ones. Some of the highlights from the hectic morning include: 

Dominic opened up his first Christmas present ever--a travel spoon! He also got the most adorable elf outfit from Grandma Ann. 

Zachary got EXACTLY what he'd been ASKING for the last few MONTHS. The tiki hideout, the jolly roger, the TMNT secret sewer much much more! He was enthusiastic, and appreciative, and so so happy. 

Elara happily played with her toys, Zachary's toys, Dominic's toys, wrapping paper. I think her favorite toy from Christmas in Connecticut was the Violet puppy that Zachary insisted that Grandma Ann buy for her. 

It wasn't exactly how we thought things would go down, but it was a very merry and wonderful start to the holiday season. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Spirit

Is there anything better than the joy of a child on Christmas morning? Love my little Elfs!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This One Is For You Poppa

Thanks again for the cute sweatsuit Poppa--both Zachary and Elara have looked equally adorable in it. I love that it is warm and cozy and comfortable. And I love that it makes me smile, even when both my football teams won't be playing again until next season!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Serial Cereal

Elara is a cereal thief. She sees Big Daddy Paul eating a bowl of cheerios, and she is in his lap with her mouth open saying please faster than you can blink! Then after she's finished slurping down her Daddy's cereal, she daintily wipes off the milk dribbles with a napkin.

Zachary and I made and decorated a rice krispie treat train and christmas tree. He has been much more active in the kitchen (much to my delight!) we make cookies, and muffins and lasagna together. he even has a mickey mouse apron that he always puts on to cook, and he pulls out his dragon stool so he can reach the countertop. He'll talk about ingredients and recipes and is always willing to lick the spoon!