Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Zachary was thrilled to help one of his friends celebrate their 6th birthday, especially since it was a dinosaur themed party! We went to the Dinosaur Place and the kids learned about fossils, went on an archaeological dig, and of course ate birthday cake. We also learned about how a geode is formed in the bubble of a volcanic rock--so you know that had Zachary pretty excited. They were a little less excited to find out that one of the fossils they had each held and passed around was actually fossilized dinosaur poop--I'm sure you can pick out which picture shows off their reaction to that!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Set it Up

Zachary is always making elaborate setups for his dudes, superheroes, transformers and dinosaurs. Elara is usually in the way, knocking things over, and despite my best attempts to tell Zachary to pretend there is a Giant Baby destroying the city, he's usually pretty mad at her. But..she's growing up, being (a little) more respectful, and she's making her own set ups. Tea parties, picnics, octonauts on underwater missions, and as in these pictures, furniture and dolls from her doll house set. 

I love watching their imaginations come to life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teepees with Pepere

The littles just love caves, hideouts, cardboard boxes, forts, tents--really anything that they can climb inside and hangout. So when Pepere came for a visit and brought a teepee for them, they were super excited. Then you toss in that they got to help build it, and were trusted to carry around giant wooden poles? Beyond thrilled.

Thanks Pepere for the new teepee hideout!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sledding with Daddy!

Zachary and Elara have been desperate to go sledding this winter. But it's not actually an easy thing to do when you get THIS much snow. Luckily Daddy is a trooper, and was willing to make an attempt in the backyard. The snow is so heavy and thick, the sled can mostly just slide over the top of it. Kind of like Elara crawling across the top of it on her hands and knees--it's easier than trying to walk on it! Thank goodness her snowpants are nice and slick, she still crawls by dragging her knees forward like she did as a baby!

Thanks big daddy Paul for taking the kiddos out, and letting me stay inside where it was warm, and dry!