Sunday, September 30, 2012

boop your nose

Z loves to boop Elara's nose. This has become somewhat hazardous to her eyes now that she moves around more, but she laughs at him, and he loves it, so I can't bring myself to tell him to stop. Looks like the Aunties were enjoying some booping themselves--those smiles are worth any amount of silliness!


 This morning, Zachary burst into our bedroom and announced, "Daddy, I'm THREE!!!" Then he went downstairs and played with Auntie Christine while Momma and Daddy caught up on some sleep! With 10-week-old Elara, and newly-three Zachary, we aren't getting much of that. Thanks Auntie--it felt like I was getting a birthday present! 

In some ways, Zachary turning 3 doesn't feel like as much of a shock as it was when he turned 2. Z is a big brother now, and such a grown up little guy in so many ways, that it's easy to believe he's 3. He's been acting like a 3 year old for months! Maybe it's just the contrast between him and Elara that helps make it more believable. He is so big next to teeny little baby girl. I spend so much of my time carrying her around, and changing her diapers, that when I go to lift him up, he feels like a giant! 

He is a doting, affectionate little boy; he loves his Momma and his Daddy, and especially his little sister. He loves to dance and sing, is obsessed with all animals, especially dinosaurs and undersea creatures, and would happily spend all afternoon playing in the dirt. He is always game for an adventure--whether it's a trip to the aquarium, library or just the grocery store. He is quite decidedly against naps, and for snacks, and will happily tell you exactly what he thinks about anything. He laughs freely, and makes up voices for his stuffed animals. He loves books--right now one of his favorites is I Wish that I had Duck Feet. We spend many afternoons painting, coloring or playing with play-do. I love when he crawls into bed with me (and Elara) in the morning, and cuddles up to watch cartoons or read a book. Stories at bedtime have become an elaborate affair, where equal attention (and demand) is lavished upon every single storyteller in the house.

I adore his creative mind, his great sense of humor, quick wit, and his carefree, affectionate personality. He remembers everything--and will repeat anything he hears (so be careful what you say around him!) 

You roared into our lives 3 years ago, and haven't slowed down since.

Thanks for 3 awesome years Zachary, we love you!
 Happy Birthday!!!
And, fashion sense aside (I mean, c'mon, Grandma's shoes, pj shorts and a Mr. Mischievous t-shirt...) Z is an extremely good looking 3 year old. =)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holding Still

They just keep growing up don't they? Today is Big Daddy Paul's 30th birthday, and I can't help but fast forward to my little one's future birthdays. I know they grow up fast, and I need to treasure every moment. Elara is already packing on the pounds, and Zachary gets taller and more well-spoken every time I turn around. In another 30 years, we'll be celebrating Zach's 33rd birthday, and Elara's 30th. They could be married with their own kids (grandbabies for me!!!) and will of course be highly successful, kind, beautiful and generally wonderful adults.  

Hopefully they are as awesome as their Big Daddy Paul. He always puts his family first, and takes great care of us. If he didn't work as hard as he does, I wouldn't be able to stay home with Z and E, and our lives would very different. For someone who is just now turning 30, you've done incredible things with your life, and as your wife, I'm very proud of you. Thank you for roughhousing with Z when you get home from work, even when you've worked hard all day. Thank you for rocking Elara to sleep, when I'm too exhausted to keep my eyes open any longer. Thank you for being a great daddy, and loving husband. 

I know I'll be a proud Momma when my children are turning 30, but I can wait to see how amazing my babies turn out to be. I want to enjoy them as little as they are, for just a little bit long longer.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crashing the Mom's Group

 Getting back out there, and doing things is a little bit more challenging with a newborn in tow. It helps to go with the Mom's group I'm a member of, and even more help is to invite Grandma and Grandpa to crash the party! This trip the aquarium was a success. Zachary even let Grandma go see the penguins for the first time. I pretty sure Auntie Kitty never did get to go see them...maybe next time!

Toddler Teacher

I'm not going to have to show Elara how to do anything..her big brother is going to beat me to it! Zachary is already showing her how to work the tablet, and probably how to work Momma too. The two of them together can probably get away with anything!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Presents and Playtime (at the party)

Zachary loves going to Auntie Millie's house--lots of different toys to play with, and cousins to play with him! 

Cassidy is (Number) 1!

Kristen and Cedric went all out for Cassidy's first birthday party. The backyard was just covered in fun things for the little ones to play with, and the cake and ice cream was delicious. While everyone was boisterously singing happy birthday to the birthday girl, Zachary was covering his ears, Elara was inside sleeping on Auntie Terri, and Jayden was keeping Cedric busy running around the yard. 

Happy First Birthday pretty little Cassidy Quinn!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pretty as a Picture

I very much loved the ruggedly handsome cub-bear outfits that Z wore while he was still little. The warm colors and cuddly fabrics were adorable. But there's something about dolling up a little girl that has been even more fun. Maybe it's the contrast to big brother. Unless he's just gotten out of the bath, Zachary is pretty much always covered in dirt and something icky sticky. Elara is sweet and pretty, and looks really good in ruffles. She'll be just as messy as Zachary given a few more months..but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


I couldn't get everyone to look at the camera, but at least they are all in the frame! Trying to get Zachary to pose for a picture is difficult at best. He'll smile perfectly, looking out the window to the left. He'll make a bad cheesy grin looking right at the camera. He'll face every way except for towards you, and if you don't sneak up for the candid shot, he'll be gone faster than you can flip the flash up. It's a good thing he's so photogenic!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Little old ladies everywhere are just itching to get their fingers on those pinchable cheeks...on both of them! I went shopping with Elizabeth and Grandma yesterday, and we were waiting in the checkout line. Zachary had been so well behaved, but was definitely getting antsy, and ready to go home. Liz was pushing the cart with Elara in it, and Z was clutching my hand and admiring all the little toys lining the checkout. "Momma, may I please have this teeny tiny baby giraffe?" How do you say no? I joked with Grandma that I couldn't deny him anything. The woman in front of us in line, had been watching Z and the interaction. She says to me, "He is soooo cute!" I totally agree! Most of the compliments we have been getting out and about have been directed at Elara, at 9 weeks, she's a bit of a show-stopper. It was nice to have Z on his best behavior, and garnering his normal good attention from random strangers.