Sunday, May 14, 2017

Momma's Littles

My dearest littles,
Zachary, Elara and Barrett,

I know you get tired of me pointing the camera at you. The mommarazzi is a constant guest at all our parties, excursions and meals. But please indulge me. I know these moments are fleeting, that you will only be this little for a hot second. and I want to be able to look back at these pictures, and marvel over every little expression. The crinkly eyes and oooo faces, the mismatched outfits, and real smiles. Those pictures that capture the true side of my babies, not the perfectly matched, cheesed up formal pictures I occasionally make you sit for (and also love). But these pictures show off the littles that I see every day. They capture your overflowing personalities and the love and tenderness that you show one another. You make me so happy when you let me pursue my passions--coloring with you, hiking outside, making yummy foods, and oh yes, taking pictures. 

I know it's Mother's Day, but I am going to take just a second to thank all three of you. Thank you for filling my days with dirt, crumbs, wonder and brightness. But most of all thank you for making me a Momma!