Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Sleeping Babies

I'm telling you, these kids must be related. Here's a flashback from October 2009 to Zachary, sleeping with his hands up in the air just like his little sister: Z's Way....or else. And I know there was a better picture of Z with his hands exactly like Elara's--but I can't seem to track it down. It must have been a cellphone picture. Anyone still have it (haha)? :)

Kisses for the Princess

What a lucky little girl, to have 2 handsome boys doting on her. Zachary literally kisses her feet, and is always watching out for her. The moment she starts making some noise, he runs to me and declares, "Momma--Elara is fuzzing, she needs you!" I know I need to teach him that it's fussing, not fuzzing--but it's way too cute! I can't help but enjoy it for a few more days. I'm not getting enough sleep to go without these simple pleasures...I might get a little fuzzy. =)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sharing the Love

Zachary is very demanding of Grandma Ann's time. From the moment she walks in the door, Z wants to play play play. She's lucky to get a few minutes peace to sit and hold her granddaughter. Usually that only happens after Z goes to bed for the night!

And Then, There Were 4.

How strange the transition from having one child, to having children. I have two kids. Kids with an S! Babies, bambinos, kiddos...all words that I can now use when referring to my family. I am loving all the pluralizations. It's a little unreal, and very exciting. We're lucky that Zachary has handled the transition so well. I'm sure having lots of family visiting has helped, I haven't had to split my attention quite the way I'll have to once things settle down. Although between both sides of the family--it never actually settles down. Of course, that's just the way we like things! 

I'm behind in the blog, no surprise with everything we've had going on, but Elara is 6 weeks old today, and I need to hurry up and get some more posts up, she's gotten so big! It's hard to believe it's already been 6 weeks, it's gone by so fast. But in some ways it feels like it's been forever. Like Elara has always been a part of our little family: disrupting our meals, interrupting our sleep, and making us smile and talk in silly high pitched voices.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Helicopter Parenting (the good kind!)

Nonna and Poppa always seem to find the coolest presents for Z--this time capitalizing on his love of bubbles and things that fly: a flying helicopter bubble machine! Thanks Nonna and Poppa!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Always have to steal my kisses from you..

Auntie Kitty was definitely getting some lovin' from her nephew Z--or as she called him, Little Boy Blue.

Ladybug and a Lizard

I know it's a dragon, but lizard just made for a way better title. Besides, is it a dragon, or a dinosaur? I'm not really sure of anything except that there are pictures of me wearing the costume when I was Z's age. I think he's a little bigger than I was though! Nonna and Poppa got the little ladybug outfit for Elara, and I'm absolutely in love with it. 

Unfortunately, I'm several weeks behind on blog posts and she's barely snuggling into the ladybug outfit anymore! I can't believe how fast they grow! At her 1 month appointment, Elara clocked in at 8 pounds 14 ounces (55th Percentile) and 22 inches long (75th percentile). What a chunker!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Every Which Way to Down

Going down the slide feet first is just too safe for Z. He wants to keep things interesting, and keep us all on our toes. Or maybe he wants to illicit a reaction from us. He told me today, "Grandma Ann says: Oh my word! Momma says: Oh my goodness! Big Daddy Paul says: Oh my God!"

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Run and swing is a popular game at our house. But it's so much more fun when Big (Tall!) Daddy Paul is doing the swinging!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

and Park It

After yesterday's action themed post about our trip to the park, you can see what I did the whole time: sat with Elara and just enjoyed being outside, and away from the house!