Thursday, August 29, 2013

As Long as it Isn't a Bath

For all that Elara loves splishing and splashing, in puddles, ponds, pools--whatever, she still hates getting in the bath. It's okay for her to stand on the outside of the tub, splashing at her brother and soaking all of us in the process, but once you get her in the tub, she's just screaming mad. Maybe I should start washing her in a pool in the backyard. 

She did love the sprinklers and water tables at Stay and Play though. They kept her very busy (and wet!) while the big kids were enjoying the bigger attractions.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

again, but this time with feeling.

The water-slide at Stay and Play is pretty awesome. Zachary wasn't too sure at first,about whether or not he wanted to go down the slide. I was surprised because the slide is his favorite thing at the park, and he went down the water slide at least a hundred times the last trip to Stay and Play. Luckily we went with friends, and when David and Becky started going, (and their Momma Miss Jessica!) and Z saw how much fun they were having, he couldn't resist joining in!

As Much Fun as a Hole in the Ground

So what if there are two giant waterslides, a slip and slide, and all the water tables and toys you could possibly play with? We'd rather sit and splash in this tiny little hole in the ground that's full of water!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mystery Ride: Birthday Edition

Elara's birthday party was still a week away, so we wanted to have a little celebration the day of her birthday. What better excuse do you need for a Mystery Ride? We told Z we were taking a Birthday Edition Mystery Ride, and he pestered us the entire ride to tell him where we were going. Frozen Yogurt is a great way to celebrate your birthday--and they must have known, because they had birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt that day! Z had chocolate, of course, and we all had fun. Happy Birthday Elara!!