Saturday, June 28, 2014

Riding the Greenbelt

We are in between karate sessions right now, and when we start up for the summer session, we will be moving up to the next class level, because Zachary was promoted to his Green Belt! I love watching his roundhouse kicks, and up punches, though his favorite part of karate is still the obstacle course, and the jumping jacks. He's also got an impressive burpee. Awesome job Zachary!

Cap'nZ and his First MateE

"Ahoy Captain Momma, I'm Captain Zachary, take a picture of me saying, Aaaaarrrgh"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peeem! Fly! More!

The Quonset Point Air Show was back on again this year, after being off for a year. Of course, it had been even longer since Paul and I had been to this airshow, because we were living in Maryland. We weren't even engaged the last time we went. This year was a little different, because we had Zachary and Elara with us, and it was awesome.

Zachary loved being able to touch the planes, and see them up close, and Elara, even more than her brother, loved seeing the planes flying overhead. She would track the planes across the sky, and when it flew out of sight, she would exclaim, "Au Jus Peem? Au Jus? Peem Laww!" Where are you plane? Where are you? Plane, Lost! Then when they showed up again, "Peem, Flah, Moor!" Plane, Fly, More!!

In the last picture of the series, Zachary and Paul were examining the large gun on the front of this airplane, and Zachary, naturally, asked if he could stick his finger in it. Go for it, dude.

There was also Del's Lemonade, because, of course.

It was a long ride, and an even longer day. And it was totally worth it. Can't wait to go again next year!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pre (Air)show

The kiddos were already to go to the airshow, but we had a few more minutes before we were going to leave, so naturally I took them out front for a few pictures. What? I was just making sure the camera was ready for the airshow. That's all. And don't worry, I didn't use much of my battery up, it was so bright out that Zachary spent the entire time complaining about his eyes hurting. It was a great reminder to pack sunglasses for everyone for the airshow.


My two little hooligans love going out. Sea School was the perfect little excursion. Zachary had some run around time with his beluga friends, oh, and the other seaschoolers, of course. It was also two hours of run around time for Elara and me. By the time we would drop Zachary off, it really wasn't enough time to do anything too involved, we usually stuck close to the aquarium, but there was still plenty to do.  She and I would meet friends for coffee, or go for a walk around Olde Mystic Village. We would go for a quick market run, or wander at the mall. Occasionally Elara would fall asleep, and we'd go home for a workout or a nap for Momma too Mostly we would spend our time at the aquarium, leisurely enjoying the animals and the sunshine. Then we'd reunite with Zachary, and get some afternoon playtime in before dinner and bedtime. I'm curious to see how Elara and I will fill our time when Zachary starts all day kindergarten in the fall. I did renew our aquarium membership, so I know where we'll be spending some of our time!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

No Sick Days for Momma

The Friday before mother's day weekend wasn't a fun day (for me) at my house. I came down with an awful stomach bug, and since Momma's don't get sick days, I had to call in reinforcements. Paul was taking a class for his master's, so it was Grandma Ann to the rescue! Thankfully she wasn't in court that day, and was able to come down and watch Z and E while I alternated between the bathroom and bed. I honestly can't remember what happened on Saturday, I think I still spent most of my day in bed. Luckily, I was mostly recovered by Sunday, and we were able to celebrate Mother's Day with a brunch, and a bunch of lovely pictures. I was a little tired at the end of the day, but I had a wonderful time celebrating with some of my favorite Mommas, and all the amazing kids that made them Mommas!