Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Party at Grandma Ann's!!


I've said it before--no party feels complete without Auntie Ginnie's Lasagna!
Not gonna lie, we're a good looking family! Elara was on her best behavior, for most of the night, letting almost everyone hold her for a little bit. Zachary was his normal charming self, happy to follow Grandma Ann around, and play with his cousins. It was fun seeing Christine and Jonathan reveal their good news. Jonathan would show off his Daddy to Be shirt, and everyone would run to hug Christine. Sorry Jon--get used to second (and soon third!) place.  

It seems that a Merry Christmas was had by all!

obligatory tree shots

Before the party got started, and apparently before Z got dressed for the day, we snuck in a few pictures in front of the tree. Normally I'm the one behind the camera--so it's nice to have some of the three of us. Now if only we could get a picture with Big Daddy Paul too...need to get my tripod out of storage!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

all wrapped up

I have some wonderful memories of Christmas mornings at my parents house. My brothers and sister and I would all still be in our jammies, impatiently waiting for Grandma and Grandpa and Mame to come over so we could start opening presents. Now that I have my own kids, it is wonderful to share bits and pieces of these traditions with them, as they get old enough to allow for it. Right now that means leaving them in their jammies for Christmas morning! 

Elara especially enjoyed celebrating Christmas morning in her pjs, as she slept through almost all the present unwrapping. She woke up just in time to watch Z unwrap some of her presents, and get dressed for the party. Z would have happily spent the entire day unwrapping presents. His Grandma Ann and Linwood, Auntie Christine and Uncle Jon Jon, and Santa of course, must love him very much because he very nearly did have to spend all day unwrapping presents!

Monday, January 28, 2013

eat up. or not.


Introducing solids to Z was a breeze; he had a hearty and undiscriminating appetite. Like almost everything, Elara has been far more difficult. She very quickly grasped the mechanics of eating. We didn't have to worry about the tongue thrust reflex, and even from day one, she really made it look like she'd been eating for weeks. But...she did not take well to moving past oatmeal. Any time I would try to introduce a new food, she would grimace, spit it out, and gag. Then a few minutes later she would throw up. On the rare occasion she has kept down a serving of something, she has had really awful gas. So we go back to plain cereal for a couple days. Tonight we tried peaches for the first time. Elara's doctor recommended trying some fruit, to see if she would be a little more enthusiastic. Her first reaction was a shudder, and after that she only let us give her a few more bites. She keeps trying to steal my food (english muffins, cantaloupe, pasta, salad, anything really.) Maybe she's trying to tell me she wants to skip over the baby food and get right to the good stuff. Can't blame her..


Speaking of expanding the family...Zachary and Elara have a new cousin! We are so happy to welcome Elias Justino George to the family! He wasn't supposed to make his debut until the middle of January, but I think he didn't want to miss out on any of the Christmas festivities, and decided on a birth date of December 21st. 

We are so happy for Luke, Corine, and big sister Malerie! 

Welcome to the world Elias!!